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When will I receive my preorder?

CUB + SCOUT expects to deliver all PREORDERS in the month of August 2017. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm any exact dates at this time. CUB + SCOUT will contact all PREORDERS with updates as soon as they are available. We appreciate your patience and look forward to sending out all of your orders ASAP.

Can I wash my CUB+SCOUT in my washing machine?

We always recommend hand washing your CUB + SCOUT. However, if you have a gentle or handwash setting on your machine and a delicates/lingerie bag you should have no problem. If you’re washing it regularly we recommend handwashing to ensure your CUB+SCOUT doesn't get damaged. Please note if you put it in the washing machine and it doesn't come out the same bag, we cannot take responsibility for it due to the variations in machine settings that may not be friendly to neoprene.

Please wash your CUB + SCOUT before first use. The neoprene smell and creases will disappear with a washing and airing out.

I carry a lot in my CUB + SCOUT - is there a risk of tearing?

CUB + SCOUT guarantees that your bag can carry 3kgs using the shoulder strap. If you are carrying more than this, for extended periods of time, you may see some tearing. Please reduce your load or use the rope handles. If you receive a faulty product that cannot carry 3kgs without damage to the shoulder straps, please contact and we will replace or refund your purchase. If you are carrying more than the 3kgs limit and tearing occurs, CUB + SCOUT is not responsible and will not offer an exchange or refund.

Your bag is not designed to be lifted or carried by the closure latches as you may risk tearing. CUB + SCOUT will not replace bags if this occurs.


My bag has creases - how do I get these out?

Due to packaging for transport, it is likely your bag will arrive with some creases. Being neoprene, these will disappear within a few days with use. CUB + SCOUT also recommends hand washing and airing out your CUB + SCOUT before use to aid in reducing the creases.

Refunds and exchanges

Please see our Shipping/Returns Page for more information.

Anything else?

Please contact us at and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours!