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Our Profile


CUB+SCOUT is an Australian company directed by Christina Sachs Phillips.


CUB+SCOUT was born when Christina became a mother herself and recognized a gap in the market for a fashionable and a versatile bag to use as a mum.


 The designs – that are loved by the likes of our favourite Australian women including Rachelle Rowlings, Bianca May Cheah, Amy Gerard, Lisa Wipfli, and Phoebe Burgess – are classic, ageless, and made of the highest quality of neoprene and finishes.


CUB+SCOUT prides itself on providing something for every stage of being a mum and a woman on the go – whether a young woman, a new mum, a mum of multiple children, a working woman, a traveller, or a gym goer. CUB+SCOUT crates designs that are both fashionable and functional to ensure you feel the best version of yourself every time you go out.


CUB+SCOUT launched its bespoke customization and monogramming service in 2020 offering every customer the change to make her CUB+SCOUT her own! This service is completed in-house to ensure top quality and fast delivery.


CUB+SCOUT is an accessible luxury that you can’t live without.




All of our products are designed in Australia.