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About Us

CUB + SCOUT is a brand born out of its two founders’, Pip Reed and Christina Phillips, fruitless search for a carryall bag that paired aesthetic style with functional design for those on the go. . . isn’t that us all? As new mums, they wanted a bag that could hold everything; keep them organised; and look stylish every day.

CUB + SCOUT was created for mums, for dads, for travellers, for coffee drinkers, for gym-goers, for anyone on the move.

All of CUB + SCOUT’s products are made of 100% neoprene. They are washable, functional, versatile; they are durable, lightweight, and comfortable.

Through product research and months of sampling and sourcing, they designed CUB + SCOUTs' ‘Leader’ carryall. This bag has been modified and improved to become the leader of the pack, and the best, most versatile nappy/diaper bag on the market. 

The creation of The Pouch and The Change Mat complete the Mum Set, making the life of a busy mum that much easier without compromising on style.


Thread together deliver good quality, clean clothing, bags and shoes to members of our community who are doing it tough. Cub + Scout are proud to contribute to this cause. For more information, please see their website


For the second year in a row, Cub + Scout are sponsoring this major charity luncheon in support of the Royal Hospital for Women. 


Cub + Scout frequently donate to and support the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

For all charity donations and sponsorship discussions, please contact

Pip + Christina x

All our bags are designed by us in Australia. 

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