What are the essentials for your Cub + Scout Bag?

Your CUB+SCOUT Leader Carryall baby bag is going to be your best friend for the foreseeable future, so what exactly is required to go in it?

Here is our list of baby essentials that should be packed and ready to go for every outing. In fact, if you can remember to refill your bag each time you get home, life is certainly going to be easier for you and your baby when you're on the move!

Love Pip and Christina x

1. Nappies! At least 4-6 especially in those newborn months

2. Your Cub + Scout Change Mat, available in Black or Navy/White and can be purchased separately or in our bestselling Mum Set.

3. Baby wipes (we love Tooshies by Toms Organics)

4. Nappy cream (we love Weleda)

5. Maternity pads (again, by Toms Organics)

6. Breast pads for breastfeeding mums (as above)

7. A change of baby clothes or two - we keep ours in The Pouch, available for separate purchase or with our bestselling Mum Set

8. Nappy bin bags

9. A muslin wrap

10. A towel for dribble/spew (grab some cloth nappies - they do just the job!)

11. Wallet/phone/car keys/sunglasses

12. Baby safe sunscreen

13. A toy or two

14. Mum essentials in your internal secret pouch: lip gloss, tinted sunscreen, hairbands, bobby pins, spare house keys, car key and credit card.

And have ready to grab: bottles from the fridge (if required), snacks and water bottle for you! Good luck! x